Graduate Certificate In Integrated Chronic & Terminal Care

Distance Education Course - Charles Sturt University

This course equips mental health, allied health, social work and other health care workers (in primary and specialist settings), to support end of life psychosocial and psychological care needs for people with advanced chronic and life limiting illness, their families and care givers.

Why study this course?

CSU’s course is designed for providing health care professionals with the knowledge and skills to address the complex needs of patients suffering from chronic and terminal illness and their families and caregivers. Students will develop the necessary skills to work cohesively with other health professionals in a transdisciplinary approach to provide effective and timely person centred care across the disease trajectory. In addition this course will prepare students to effectively understand and respond to psychological and supportive care needs of patients who are living with a terminal illness and facing the end of their lives.

As a graduate of this course, you will:

  • analyse and critically evaluate the psychological and existential impact an advanced chronic and terminal illness has on individuals, their families and care givers
  • demonstrate an awareness based on an understanding of theoretical concepts of the impact psychological and mental health issues have on an individual’s personal narrative in regard their disease trajectory and journey
  • develop advanced skills in assessing, screening and developing therapeutic responses for a variety of mental health problems and concerns for individuals and their families and care givers (the unit of care) facing the end of their lives
  • critically discuss and analyse the barriers to, and importance of, developing transdisciplinary care teams and its impact on the unit of care
  •  make high level independent judgements that will integrate existential concerns and needs of the individual, their families and care givers into a biopsychosocial therapeutic care plan and communicate this with the care team.
  • critically analyse current and future policy and political contexts in End of Life and Palliative Care and develop expertise and skills in order to advocate for change and address the need for evolving professionals in this policy context.
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