Complete Day 1 Presentations (Updated)

 Day 1 Presentations (Updated)


Session 1

 Session 1: The Treatment Gap

 Session 1: Patient Journey


Session 2

 Session 2: MH Classifications

 Session 2: Psychological Screening

 Session 2: Wicked Problems


Session 3

 Session 3: Biopsychosocial Care

 Session 3: Narrative Approaches To Assessment


Session 4

 Session 4: Developing a Provisional Diagnosis


Session 5

 Session 5: Developing a Provisional Diagnosis

 Session 5: Narrative Approaches & Schema


Session 6

 Session 6: Mindfulness

 Session 6: Loss & Grief


Session 7

 Session 7: Rehabilitative & Strengths Approach

 Session 7: Advanced Care Planning


Session 8

 Session 8: 400 Days

 Session 8: Transdisciplinary Teams

Draft letters to send to Doctors for mental health services

These letters are just a guide – please insert your own assessments and clinical findings as applicable.


  Aged Care Facilities Letter To GP

 GP Follow Up Letter

 Patient Referred To Service 1st Session

 Review Letter For GP


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